Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Shaista Lodhi Break Up With Husband

Shaista Lodhi Break Up With her Husband Photos & Pictures

Few months back we reported that Shaista has filed a case for divorce now Shaista Lodhi has finally got divorced from her husband.

The famous morning show host of Utho Jago Pakistan, Shaista Lodhi is having tough time of her life. Few months ago, she shifted in a separate apartment and filled divorce papers against her husband that has finally resulted in getting her divorced now. Reportedly, Shaista Lodhi’s husband was against her to be on television and dancing live at the show. She wanted her to spend time with kids and give preference to family and home. Hut unfortunately, she failed to do so. She was regularly been argued about it by her husband who insist her to leave the profession and take care of the house and family. However, Shahista was not ready to leave up her work and identity which she gained through sheer struggle after a very long time.
This confrontation further resulted in fights, disagreements and eventually leading to divorce and now she has a new name “Shahista Lodhi” instead of “Shahista Wahidi.”

Shaista Lodhi is mother of three children and has hosted a number of morning shows in her life. She disappeared from the Utho Jago Pakistan morning show due to severe depression caused due to break up but now she is back.


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